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Kumo Japanese Restaurant

We would like to personally thank you for dining with us. We hope you enjoy the delicious food and comfortable atmosphere, and we're certain that once you try it, you will be sharing our food and story with friends and family. Kumo offers a diverse range of Japanese foods, from bento boxes, noodle bowls and our customer's favorite: sushi. Our sushi is created from the freshest ingredients.

For fun with family and friends come to kumo.sit around hibachi table which guests gather and enjoy a meal expertly prepared and cooked to perfection, right before your very eyes.

Love Sushi?
Come to kumo for the freshest fish and creative special rolls. There are many special rolls that are available only at kumo. Prepare by our experience chefs.

There's also a wide variety of appetizers and dinner entrees prepared by our chef in the kitchen. New to Japanese food? Try the light and crispy tempura. You'll want to return time after time to enjoy all the delicious flavors and dishes.

What is kumo?

Kumo is a Japanese word that can mean both "cloud" and "spider".

There is a Japanese folk tale about a spider who turns into a beautiful young woman to become a weaver in gratitude to a farmer, who saved her life from a snake who was going to eat her. She eats cotton the farmer provides to spin into cloth for kimono. When he brings her more cotton, the snake sneaks into the bale, and attempts to eat her once again. As she runs, heavy and slow from the cotton inside her, the sun takes pity on her and lifts her up by a sunbeam caught on the web hanging from her mouth. In gratitude, she spins fluffy white clouds from the cotton, and that is why the word cloud and the word spider are both kumo.

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